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Buying a quality pallet wrapping machine

Categories: Pallet Wrappers
  • There are a number of considerations when purchasing a pallet wrapping machine or a pallet wrapper, initially you should start with your product type, is it a stable load? Is it roughly concentric with the outside of the pallet? Any gap above 300mm could be a problem as it would need to jump from the pallet edge to the product. If so you should consider the power pre-stretch version which not only stretches the power pre-stretch film prior, to up to 300% but also shrinks uniformly around the parcel. The new Ciclone ppss has all the advantages required to accomodate standard and irregular pallets.

    The mode tension gives the ability to excert a level of tension in each of the following modes:
    1/ Bottom tension mode 1-100
    2/ Middle tension mode 1-100
    3/ Top tension mode 1-100
    4/ Back tension mode 1-100

    This is a major breakthrogh in the developement of wrapping film tension, the Ciclone PPS is the preferred choice for Tesco distribution, over 30 machines sold to this valued

    Now with automatic film cut-off mechanism.

    For more information contact Paul McCarthy on 01162 -790005 or email on pmccarthypmd@aol.com

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