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Pallet Wrap Film

  • Strapping & Wrapping Machines in Coventry
    Coventry is re-known for the Print Finishing Industry, along with a wide range of other thriving industries that use and rely on Packaging Equipment. Being based in the Midlands, Packaging Machinery Direct UK Ltd are ideally placed to service these industries with their packaging requirements notably high quality Pallet wrapping machines and a wide range [...]
    22 February 2016 0 Comments
  • Pallet Wrap Film
    Packaging Machinery Direct UK Ltd supply a wide range of both machine pallet wrap film and hand pallet wrap film to suit all applications. All of our film is supplied directly from a Saudi Arabian manufacturer and is of extremely high quality and is very competatively priced. We can offer a range of standard film [...]
    1 May 2015 0 Comments
  • What is Pallet Wrap
    Pallet wrap film is generally used to help secure products and goods together on a pallet. The most common places to use pallet wrap film is in warehouses and distribution centre where a large number of products on pallets are shipped out. The pallet wrap film ensures that the goods on the pallet cannot be [...]
    8 January 2014 0 Comments
    Have you ever heard the noise coming from the hand or machine wrapping? ? not only is it noisy but it is also expensive, the tack on the wrap reduces the elongation of the wrap, this incurs a lot more wrap being applied than normal non tack films. So noisy is not good for the [...]
    1 January 2014 0 Comments
  • New Hitech 55 layered power pre-stretch pallet wrapping
    Packaging machinery unveil the latest film technology in power pre-strech pallet wrapping film. A multi-layered(55) durable film. Thanks to our very modern cast and blown production technology and unique raw material blends based on 100% recylable LLDPE film, this film guarantees lower consumption of material for higher mechanical resistance and produces exceptional protection and stabilisation [...]
    29 November 2013 0 Comments

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