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Strapping Machines

  • Strapping Machines in Birmingham
    Aeroplas Ltd use a JN-600 strapping machines in the production of reels of garden hose pipes, with 9mm strap, this machine is 9 years old and gives remarkable reliability. This strapping machine is used every 12 seconds in their production area. The JN-600 is the preferred strapping machine for Asda. For further information and a [...]
    1 March 2016 0 Comments
  • Strapping & Wrapping Machines in Coventry
    Coventry is re-known for the Print Finishing Industry, along with a wide range of other thriving industries that use and rely on Packaging Equipment. Being based in the Midlands, Packaging Machinery Direct UK Ltd are ideally placed to service these industries with their packaging requirements notably high quality Pallet wrapping machines and a wide range [...]
    22 February 2016 0 Comments
  • Mobile Pallet Strapping Machine-2 straps
    Avoid the risk of operator injuries in busy packing areas. Fast, efficient pallet strapping is simple and safe using this ergonomically designed mobile strapping machine. The PM-2PP strapping frame can significantly reduce the time usually needed for pallet strapping and reduces operator fatigue to a minimum. It can provide 2 lengths of strapping simultaneously to [...]
    4 February 2016 0 Comments
  • Refurbished side seal strapping machine
    We currently have in stock a fully refurbished Gordian RQ-8 side seal strapping machine with an arch size of 1200mm wide x 2000mm high. It runs on 12mm strapping material with a thickness of 0.63, and is suitable for the strapping of large items such as Furniture, White Goods, Kitchen Units etc. This machine can [...]
    16 October 2015 0 Comments
  • New Order – Strapping Machine
    We are pleased to announce that one of the largest Kitchen manufacturers in the UK has ordered their fourth JN-85YU side seal Strapping Machine. This machine is an integral part of their new production line providing efficiency and speed to the strapping of their products. The wide range of strapping and pallet wrapping machines offers [...]
    5 October 2015 0 Comments
  • Automatic Pallet Strapper
    Packaging Machinery Direct UK Ltd are pleased to confirm that the sales of the JN-85YU automatic pallet strapping machine have reached 35 to date. Many thanks to our suppliers and well done to our sales department. Exceptional performance and modular construction makes this automatic pallet strapper the fastest and most reliable box strapping machine that [...]
    6 June 2015 0 Comments
  • Side Seal Strapping Machine installed at Baxi Heating
    We have now successfully installed the brand new large arch side seal strapping machine, model JN-85YU, into Baxi Heating Ltd. The customer is extremely pleased with the installation and his production line is now running far more efficiently which will allow them to increase productivity to meet demand. If you want to look at this [...]
    5 June 2015 0 Comments
  • Pallet Strapping Machine – Baxi Heating UK Ltd
    We are supplying a side sealing pallet strapping machine to Baxi Heating UK Ltd, in Norfolk. The JN-85YU side seal automatic strapping machine will use 12mm polypropylene strapping material and has a strapping cycle time of 5 seconds per strap. It will give Baxi a more efficient and cost effective production line. Baxi’s procurement of [...]
    8 May 2015 0 Comments
  • Special Offer – Cyclop Friction Weld Strapping Tool, As New £599.00 + VAT
    We currently have an as new, unused Cyclop CL100 Friction Weld, battery operated strapping tool which comes with 2 chargeable batteries. This friction weld strapping tool is suitable for use with 12mm strapping, polyester or polypropylene. It can be used for a wide range of applications from strapping boxes of goods to timber packs and [...]
    17 April 2015 0 Comments

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