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How to secure high value boxed goods

21 November 2013 0 Comments Categories: Strapping Machines
  • There is significant benefit in putting a strong, polypropylene strap around all boxed, high value goods that go on sale in shops and DIY stores.

    Remove the possibility of pilphering of high value products that could potentially be put into the void of boxed, lower value goods undetected.

    The JN-600 semi-automatic strapping machine is a lightweight, mobile and very versatile strapping machine. Put one into your warehouse and put a

    polypropylene strap around all of your boxed electrical goods, household items and garden equipment, in just seconds prior to them being put out

    onto the shelves.

    Texas Homecare  bought 300 semi-automatic strapping machines and put one in each store, they immediately saw a significant reduction in losses

    through pilphering.


    If you would like more information on the benefits of strapping machines, contact Paul on 0116 2790005 or email on pmccarthypmd@aol.com

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