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Do you need to wrap large pallets?

Categories: Pallet Wrappers
  • http://youtu.be/wOWGSfVCRJo

    What do you do if you have to wrap a large pallet, and by large I mean any pallet longer than 1400mm.
    Don’t think that you will have to keep running around these larger pallets with handwrap, there is a solution.
    Take a look at a robot pallet wrapping machine.

    A Robot pallet wrapping machine takes up less floor space and can be set up to automatically follow the line
    of your pallet, wrapping it safely and securely without issue. This machine is mobile and can be moved to your
    product instead of you having to struggle with your pallet, taking it to the pallet wrapping machine.

    The FP/Easy is a very versatile, reliable and easy robot pallet wrapping machine to use.
    We have just been talking to one of the largest shed manufacturers in the UK and recommended that they consider
    this type of machine for one of their production lines.

    For more information and advice contact Paul on 0116 2790005 or email him with your requirements at pmccarthypmd@aol.com

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