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How to strap your pallets securely

2 December 2013 0 Comments Categories: Strapping Machines
  • When strapping product to pallet you need to be sure that your goods are going to be secure and undamaged in transit.
    There are some cases where a hand strapping tensioner and sealer are more effective in achieving this goal but more often
    than not a semi-automatic pallet strapping machine is the best choice for higher tension, better seal efficiency and speed
    of operation.

    The mobile pallet strapping unit can be supplied as a battery powered unit or to be used with electric lead. The strap sword
    is simply located through the void of the pallet, the strap is fed along the length of the sword enabling the operator to
    pick the strap up and take it over the product. The strap is then located it into the strapping head of the machine, at which point
    the strap is tensioned around the pallet and goods, heat sealed and then cut off. What could be easier?

    If you want more information on our TP-202MV mobile pallet strapping machines then talk to Paul on 0116 2790005 or email him at

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